You would never believe that a country with rich fashion history, would be that eager to welcome Zara. However, the acceptance of Zara stores in Indonesia has been tremendous and this is something that is going to be analyzed in this short review.

Zara has made a direct investment in Indonesia, that has been traditionally the country where most of its clothes have been knit and processed. For many years, there has been no retail branch of Zara Clothes or Zara Home in Indonesia.

Zara Makes Its Legendary Appearance in Indonesia
Lately, with the formation of the Indonesian middle class, the necessity to have a Zara retail branch has been apparent. That is why, Zara finally decided to adjust its fashion to the everyday life of Indonesians, offering them quality clothes, in extremely affordable prices.

Many people in Indonesia, have no clue about the fashion developments in Europe and America. However, they are eager to watch the vitrines of Zara stores, to check what are the tensions in fashion for the rest of the world. Their acceptance is monumental and acts as a paradigm for all the other countries of eastern Asia.

What is Zara famous about?

Zara has been a family business for years. Even ValueQ has managed to give an insight into Zara to people that care about fashion in Indonesia. They all begin from Spain and Mexico where Zara used to have most of its retail stores by the beginning of the 1990ies.

This famous brand of clothes, brought everyday fashion to the surface, while making affordability the number one benefit of buying in mass production retails stores.

Zara has been always close to customers, opening multiple stores in malls and other central streets of the most important European and American cities.

ValueQ is always supporting the Zara principles since most of the customers share common views about gadgets and clothes. It is a good practice to join both companies in a way that bonds them together. Customers always like to have combined powers, and that is why Zara has been enforced by the presence of ValueQ in Indonesia.

All people like to have some personalized care, and Zara always has people to consult you about the clothes and accessories you would love to have and improve your appearance. Make sure you are taking into account their view and adjust your buying efforts.

Kids love Zara!

Zara has been also famous for its kids' fashion department. It has given great importance to the creation of a dedicates clothes and accessories series for children under the age of 12. After all, it is that age before being a teenager, where kids like to experiment with colors and shapes.

Zara is always cooperating with ValueQ in Indonesia to give full coverage of children's needs. They can play using their smartphones, while at the same time they are trying their new Zara clothes.

Indonesian parents were reluctant to buy clothes for their children from Zara in the first place. However, when they saw the adjustments Zara has managed to make to these clothes so that they can fit the special religious beliefs of Indonesians, they gave Zara the place and the market share it deserves.

Surveys that included children in their lists have shown that Zara kids have been the most profitable operation for the company in Indonesia. Not to mention, that Zara has never implemented child labor in its factories in Indonesia. It is something that the Indonesian society has appreciated a lot, giving Zara the first place in their preferences for clothing among other competitors.

Indonesian legacy integrates to Zara innovation

Long sleeve clothes, skirts, and colorful blouses are in the tradition of Indonesians. As ValueQ can easily say, these values are unique in the world, that is why Zara never tried to ignore them.

In fact, Zara designers have traveled across Indonesia to find out what are the traditional clothing trends of people there. Amazingly they found out that Indonesians have done a great revolution in their external appearance, and are more and more likely to try new lines and colorings so that they can feel closer to the other western European countries.

Zara has also made some data metrics using the equipment that ValueQ offers to its customers.

The solid cooperation between these two brands has created a special blend for clothes that happens only for Indonesians. Zara has been always trying to create the most fashionable clothes for Indonesians. that do not insult their history or religious beliefs.

In terms of affordability, the prices that Zara has been implementing have been reduced to reach the economic level of people in Indonesia. In fact, it has been offering competitive prices to people that engage in web orders. That is why Indonesia is following the paradigm of other countries and like ValueQ it enforces the abilities of the website.

In the few upcoming years, Zara has been said to become the most important and profitable online retailer in Indonesia.

Making Indonesia the center of production and consumption in southeastern Asia, will improve its position on the market and increase Zara profits.


For many people in western countries, Zara is the depiction of the daily fashion. They all have tried Zara clothes and accessories, paying less to take a lot more in quality and fashion.

Zara has been heavily investing in automation and innovations. They aspire to have the very first autonomous line production for clothes and shoes in Indonesia. Above all, they don't want to cut workplaces, but they want to update their manufacturing procedures to offer more possibilities for their customers while charging a lot less.

Being by the side of Zara and ValueQ will make you a better man. Both companies ensure that the transition to the digital age will be done with no fluctuations and turbulence.

Zara supports the Indonesian people and the local economy. They are a fashion experiment, that is going to blossom in this Asian country, where beauty meets tradition and faith.

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