Are you planning on a trip in 2023? If yes, then you would require your Malaysia passport and for that Malaysia passport photos as well. This blog can be your ultimate guide to getting your passport size photos for your international trip.

We will share every detail on getting Malaysia passport-size photos for yourself. Another important thing you need to know about is an online editor to edit and resize your passport photos.

What are the guidelines for Malaysia passport size photos?

Guidelines for Malaysian Passport

To get your Malaysia passport, your passport photos should meet some criteria. They follow certain rules which are made specifically for Malaysian passport photos.

The Malaysian passport pictures should be 35 mm wide and 50 mm large. You can submit your passport photos online for your Malaysia passport. The passport size photos required for Malaysia passports have certain prospects that need to be followed. And if you are wondering how to get the perfect-sized passport photos for yourself sitting at home, refer to this blog's next heading.

Some other Malaysia passport size photo requirements include:

  • Straight head and straight posture of the photo;
  • Maintain a minimum of 40 cm distance from the camera to take your photo;
  • Adjust even lighting on every angle of the photo;
  • Use a subtle or neutral background for your Malaysia passport photos.

How to resize your Malaysia passport photos?

You can crop the photo to passport size with the AiPassPortPhotos editor. The passport photo editor helps you to achieve your required passport picture size.

After you are done taking a bunch of your passport size photos, choose your favorite out of them and crop the photo to passport size with AiPassPortPhotos.

Since there are some Malaysian passport size photo requirements, you can get a compliant result from this platform as it automatically edit and crop it out to meet all official requirements.

How to edit your Malaysia passport size photos?

After you have done resizing your passport photo, you edit it. Passport pictures need a passport photo editor to give the finishing touches to passport photos, and we have witnessed all such features in AiPassPortPhotos. This passport photo maker enables you to edit your passport pictures conveniently. You can change your background and this editor also adjust contrast and brightness for you.

Guidelines for Malaysian Passport

How can you digitally get your Malaysia passport photo?

Well, gone is the time when you had to go to the studio and spend your money to get your passport photos. It has become possible to make your passport photos with the perfect size and editing digitally. With AiPassPortPhotos, you can save time and money. You can adjust your photos on this editor, and then you just need to take its printout to submit your passport. This is way easier than going to a studio and getting all things done there only.

This passport photo maker has multiple editing and cropping options. The app follows some simple steps to get your passport photo done.
  • Upload your image on the platform.
  • The editor automatically crops your image as per your passport size requirements.
  • Now, to save your image, click on the download image option.


The Malaysia passport size photos can be easily edited digitally via AiPassPortPhotos. This blog has enough information about everything related to Malaysian passport photos and their requirements. Head on to our menu to discover more such topics.

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