The marvelously large watch tells you a lot about the IWC Big pilot watch when you look at it. Over the years, some big names such as Bradley Cooper, Jason Statham have worn the watch. The watch has attracted big names due to its high quality, attractiveness, and design.

It’s one of the best-selling male wristwatches in the market, and most people regard it as a great watch among the other luxurious watches. Read through this article to understand why individuals always consider this brand as a great watch.

4 Top Reasons Why IWC Big Pilot is a Great Watch

IWC Big Pilot Watch

1. It provides for a large model of watch

If you consider the traditional model, the phone has a large size of approximately 15.6 mm wide and a diameter of 46.2mm. It has got a huge crown that hangs out, resembling a sturdy faucet handle.

The large size helps to prevent it from slipping into the dress shirt sleeves. The large size allows it to be very simple and appropriate for any occasion (both official and casual). Lastly, due to their generous proportions and size, they can provide a counterbalance.

2. It has a finer side

The large watch has the best workhouse when you compare it with all the other luxurious timepieces. Additionally, its Italian leather materials make the watch durable and provide a show of elegance and classy.

You can find the handcrafted version of this timepiece in most boutiques worldwide. Then the watch has two cases; where the manufacturer makes the original IWC Big pilot from stainless steel. Later, the company incorporated other precious metals such as gold, titanium, bronze, and platinum into the cases. Lastly, these watches have a convex sapphire crystal that helps protect the face of the timepiece.

3. It is durable

When looking for a luxurious watch that’s durable, then this is the best option. The IWC Big pilot watch manufacturing process makes it one of the long-lasting, elegant watches for men.

Employees at the Swiss-based company assemble these watches by hand. After the machines, take these watches through a rigorous testing process. This process ensures that the watch is durable even when the user exposes it to corrosion, impact, abrasion, or harsh climatic conditions.

Reasons Why IWC Big Pilot is a Great Watch

4. They’ve got special edition watches

Most watches have special event models, but none beat the IWC Big pilot’s models, as it has got well-known for being attractive. Having a special edition of this watch is one of the best feelings of owning a watch for watch enthusiasts.

The brand has exceptional watches for occasions such as sporting activities, specifically sporting cars. Some models, such as the Brazilian model Adorama, also use this watch brand during their competitions. The special editions watches have some additional sophisticated features that make them suitable for a particular occasion.

Bottom line

When looking at the men’s great and luxurious watches, the IWC big pilot is a common name. Its original leather-look, durability, and large attractive sizes make most users consider them great watches. Therefore, if you’re a watch enthusiast, it’s a brand you can try out for any occasion as the brand complements any clothing or outfit.

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