A great way to show support and care to a person that is grieving because of the loss of a family member or friend or loved one is a special Flower Delivery of sympathy flowers.

The Florist has the largest selections of beautiful and fresh flowers to choose from, if you are thinking of sending your friend or loved one or relative a florist delivery of sympathy flowers.

What are the 7 Popular Sympathy Flowers to Send?

7 Popular Sympathy Flowers to Send

Here are the 7 popular types of flowers intended for sympathy and condolences:


In different colors and shades, the flowers of Chrysanthemums mean a wide variety of meaning and symbolism. Moreover, it is widely used, even in other parts of the world, to express support and encouragement. Because of that fact, Chrysanthemums, especially the white ones, are perfect to send as gift of sympathy flowers. You can ask the florist for the best designs of arrangements.


Aside from beauty and attractiveness, the flowers of Gladiolus represent strength and character. The grieving family will surely feel the concern and compassion, as well as your thoughtfulness as you send them a hand bouquet of Gladiolus in white, pink, red, purple, or yellow. Traditionally, white Gladiolus is the ideal flower for sympathy and funerals, but you can opt for other colors or for mixed design.


With different colors, sizes, and meanings, the flowers of Roses are just appropriate for to send as sympathy flowers. The flower shop usually has the flowers of Roses in varieties of design to express thoughtfulness and sincerity. Sending Roses will surely create an impact and bring delight to a grieving heart.

7 Popular Sympathy Flowers by Little Flower Hut


To symbolize sorrow and regret, you can choose the flowers of Hyacinth to convey your sympathy and condolences to the family. The online florist creates beautiful designs of this flower. If you can’t find the right words to say, a bouquet of Hyacinth will surely send your thoughts and messages.


More than a flower that reminds memories, this flower is also ideal to communicate in simple but effective way. It can be very painful for someone to accept the truth of a death of a loved one, yet, with the right funeral flowers, like Forget-Me-Not, special memories will surely be remembered. For special designs using this type of flower, it is always best to consider the creativity of the florist.


The flowers of Lilies are lovely and meaningful, as well. They offer hope, peace, serenity, and
encouragement to a grieving heart. There are several types of Lilies, and each type can be powerful in symbolizing renewal or rebirth. This flower is also associated to the purity and youth, which make it a good choice for sympathy.


Symbolic of love, the flowers of Carnation is not only perfect on Mother’s Day but also to honor and give tribute to parents on funerals. This flower is also a great option for Flower Delivery of sympathy flowers, if you want to send your thoughtfulness and comfort to the family as they grieve for the loss of a loved one.

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