Perfectly Planned Family Holiday For You


Perfectly Planned Family Holiday For You. Check out the 5 Perfectly Planned Family Holiday for the Whole Family, Best Selected by Agoda.

Dream of a Perfectly Planned Family Holiday? Not sure where to take your family for the coming holidays? Well, you’re in luck! I have done the research and have uncovered five kid-tested and parent-approved destinations perfect for the whole family.

Whether you stick to a strict checklist or go Griswold, these family favorites will keep everyone entertained, on the move and well fed during your next vacation! You certainly cannot resist. Do check it out, and make all the plan ... it's Agoda time.

5 Perfectly Planned Family Holiday For You

Perfectly Planned Family Holiday For You
Here are the five perfectly planned family holiday for you, bring to you by Agoda.


With a rainforest, endless beaches and even a mountain, what family could get bored on this resort island in the middle of the Andaman Sea?! Stick together for a few outdoor explorations, or go your separate ways when everyone needs their own space. There’s no better destination for a family than Phuket!

  • [col]
    • Family activities - Create some friendly family competition with a game of miniature golf at Dino Park; watch the FantaSea acrobat show, or visit the Gibbon Rehabilitation Center at Bang Pae Waterfall. For a true adventure, take a boat trip to a nearby island. Which island? Bond Island! James Bond Island, of course.
    • Parents - Take a Muay Thai or deep-sea diving class, and then hit a spa or get a foot massage by the beach. Shopping is always an option, of course, and hit one of the most popular nighttime attractions for adults at the Simon Cabaret show.

  • [col]
    • Teenagers - Teens can venture out on their own to escape rooms and night clubs, or learn to ride waves at Surf House Phuket. Patong Go-Kart Speedway and Flying Hanuman Phuket are also popular for adrenaline junkies – or kids who just have too much energy. 
    • Kids - For a totally parent-free and safe day out, younger children should check out Kids Club Phuket and the Mid-Air Circus Arts Academy. Splash Jungle Water Park, Phuket Bird Park, Baan Teelanka (upside down house) and Phuket Trickeye are some other options that give kids their space with some supervision required.
Come, explore Phuket.


High-energy families who like to mix fun with learning never have a dull moment in Tokyo. Between museums, an imperial palace, ancient shrines, and of course, Disneyland, Japan’s capital city offers a perfect combination of attractions for everyone in your family.

  • [col]
    • Family activities - A trip to Japan wouldn’t be complete without watching a sumo match and visiting the Miraikan (National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation). Get the crew up before the sun and head to Tsukiji Fish Market for an outing you’ll reminisce about for years! 
    • Parents - The Tokyo Bay Night Cruise is the perfect way to spend a romantic evening. Adults also love the Kurand Sake Market, and this time of year is perfect for a cup of tea and a colorful stroll at Hamarikyu Garden. 

  • [col]
    • Teenagers - Go extreme on a Samurai Kart tour, or spend the day exploring, learning and riding rollercoasters at Space world. 
    • Kids - Introduce young children to new tastes with a walking food tour. If they give sushi a try, reward them with a trip to Ueno Zoo and The Railway Museum, or make all their dreams come true at Tokyo Disneyland and Puroland (Hello Kitty amusement park). 
Explore Tokyo.


Seoul Destination for Family Vacation
All aboard! It’s time to hop on the Seoul train! Discover K-pop in a land famous for its beauty secrets, or plan a family photo shoot in traditional costume. Futuristic landmarks, buzzing street markets, rooftop parks, Buddhist temples and spicy kimchi are just the beginning to family fun days in Seoul

  • [col]
    • Family activities - Ride a cable car to Namsan Park, and keep everyone intrigued at the Rolling Ball Museum and Fun Museum. If you want more excitement, head to Lotte World! Literally everything is there, including an indoor theme park. For movie night, head to Times Square, where you’ll find CGV Starium, the world’s largest permanent 35mm cinema screen with ticket prices fixed at 10,000 won (US$9) per seat – whoaaaa
    • Parents - Museums and rooftop bars rule in Seoul. Romance also rates right up there. Couples can take photos in traditional Korean costume at Bukchon Hanok Village or take a day trip to Enoshima Island to profess their love at Ryuren Bell of Love. Another popular adult activity is taking a plunge at a jimjilbang (local bathhouse).

  • [col]
    • Teenagers - Hipster cafés and cosmetics galore equal fun times for teenagers. Older kids can shop safely on their own in Myeongdong fashion district and Dongdaemun Market. Better yet, send them to Everland Theme Park for a day, or dare them to eat live octopus at Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market.
    • Kids - Youngsters love to feed deer in Seoul Forest and have a run at Children’s Grand Park, where they can view animals at a zoo and work off some energy at an amusement park. If you encounter a rainy day in Seoul, spend time indoors at Seoul Children’s Museum or Tesium, a hands-on teddy bear theme park. 

Want more? Explore Seoul.


Shanghai Perfectly Planned Family Holiday
The sky is the limit for family entertainment in Shanghai. With epic skyline views and the fastest train in the world, thrills abound in China’s most populated city. Waterfront activities on The Bund make the perfect family day out, or go your separate ways to tour gardens, aquariums, markets and theme parks.

  • [col]
    • Family activities - Take in views of the city together aboard a Huangpu River cruise boat or from the 88th floor of Jin Mao Tower. Arrive at The Bund via a psychedelic sightseeing tunnel, and spend hours watching performers, shopping and eating family-style on the coast.
    • Parents - Wander through the historic district of Nanshi or Yu Garden for a glimpse of traditional Chinese landscaping and architecture. A day trip to Zhujiajiao ancient water town also lends parents some time to relax and enjoy the view.

  • [col]
    • Teenagers - Teens who love dance and art have come to the right city. Take a hip hop class at Souldancing, or attend a sports camp or cooking class at Shanghai Stadium. Clubbing in the French Concession is relatively safe – and definitely popular amongst older children with chill parents.
    • Kids - Lions and tigers and clowns, oh boy! Kids go ape for the performances at Shanghai Circus World, a perfect place to follow up a sugar-induced afternoon at Chocolate Happy Land, where youngsters can explore a chocolate castle and make their own dessert!

Explore Shanghai.

Hong Kong

Tell the kids you’re hiking across a dragon’s back and watching pink dolphins this holiday, and you won’t even need to help them pack! Hong Kong makes family time easy with one of the world’s busiest sea ports, iconic observation towers, night markets and the hippest nightlife in Asia!

  • [col]
    • Family activities - Hike Dragon’s Back along the coast, and ride the Ngong Ping glass-bottom cable car to Po Lin Monastery. Book a tour to see endangered pink dolphins in the South China Sea, and end the evening with a family dinner at Yum Cha Central.
    • Parents - Take the tram up Victoria Peak for a gorgeous view of Victoria Harbor and Kowloon. Make a date for dining in one of the many Michelin Star restaurants in the city. Spend the day exploring Lantau Island and taking selfies with the massive bronze Tian Tan Buddha.

  • [col]
    • Teenagers - Hong Kong teens love their games. That’s apparent by the dozens of game cafés and escape rooms across the city. Teens not into board games might want to jump off some energy at Ryze and Bounce indoor trampoline park or battle it out in a game of laser tag. Like hot music beats? Sign up for a DJ lesson at Sol Passion Music Limited
    • Kids- Kids have the run of the land in Hong Kong with Disneyland, Ocean Park Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Science Museum, where youngsters have hands-on access to dozens of activities.

More? Explore Hong Kong.


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HASRULHASSAN.COM™ - Family Oriented Lifestyle Blog: Perfectly Planned Family Holiday For You
Perfectly Planned Family Holiday For You
Perfectly Planned Family Holiday For You. Check out the 5 Perfectly Planned Family Holiday for the Whole Family, Best Selected by Agoda.
HASRULHASSAN.COM™ - Family Oriented Lifestyle Blog
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