It is everybody’s dream to own a home once in their lifetime. While it sounds a great thing, owning a home today may involve many financial expenses as compared to renting. Many people usually regard owning a home as cheaper than renting.

Although it’s a personal decision to either rent or buys a home, there are several advantages of renting a home rather than buying one. Let’s look at the top most financial and non-financial reasons why it could be beneficial for you to rent a home. Home rental can be sought through house for rent in PJ.

Why Buy When You Can Rent in Petaling Jaya

Why Buy When You Can Rent in Petaling Jaya

1. There Are No Maintenance Costs

As a tenant, the only cost you incur is the monthly rental and deposit costs when you first enter a house. The landlord incurs any other costs regarding repairs of broken windows, doors, clogged sinks and blocked drainage systems. A homeowner will have to pull money from their savings to repair any unexpected damages and breakages at their home.

2. You Don't Need To Pay Taxes

Why Buy When You Can Rent in Petaling Jaya
As a tenant, you don’t pay several tax deductions a homeowner has to pay right from the time they purchase their home. For instance, to own a home in the Malaysia, you have to pay a fairly large sum in tax. The amount mostly depends on the price of the property purchased. These tax deductions are a heavy financial burden homeowners have to incur to own a home.

Property taxes and real estate taxes are only charged for homeowners and not tenants living in rental houses. This is a great reduction in the costs you would be paying for owning a home. Making it more affordable to rent a house.

3. There Are No Large Initial Costs To Rent A Home

Renting a home requires you to pay an initial deposit amount – which in most cases equal to the amount of rent paid for one month. This is unlike owning a home where you require a large sum of money as a down payment. If you are a borrower, you are expected to pay a substantial amount of 20% for the mortgage.

The deposit for renting a house is more affordable than a large amount of money required for purchasing a house.

4. Renting A Home Doesn’t Require A Long Procedural And Expensive Process

To rent a home, you only need to identify a suitable home for you and your family depending on your financial capability. Then get into an agreement with the property owner on the deposit and the monthly amount to be paid. After which you’re free to get in and live without any complicated procedures to follow. Besides that, tools such as PropertyGuru are ideal for property hunting.

On the other hand, purchasing a home requires you to;
  • First, identify an affordable and suitable home for you. 
  • Then arrange for a mortgage and the interest rate you’ve to pay for the property.
  • Hire a surveyor who is involved in surveying the property to check for any local or planning issues, the amount worth the property and any other structural issues that might affect the home. 
  • Then you might need to renegotiate the amount of the property based on the surveyor’s conclusion. 
  • Finally, pay for the whole amount of money as agreed. 

This is an expensive and tiresome home ownership procedure that as a tenant in a rented house you don’t have to pass through.

5. You Have Access To Amenities

Most of the rented residential properties contain additional facilities that you would otherwise have to spend a large amount of money to acquire. Such include swimming pools, exercise equipment, parking space, and playground.

Some of these extra amenities are inclusive in the monthly amount paid for rent, but at a much considerable amount than having to acquire them by yourself.

6. There Is Flexibility In Renting A House

There Is Flexibility In Renting A House
When you rent a house, you’re free to move out anytime as long as you offer notice to the owner of the home. It is possible to move from one workplace to another, which could be far from your rented home. This would force you to vacate to a place near your place of work. In the case where you had purchased a home, it would be a challenge to get a buyer for the home.

In other cases, you might need to move to a more affordable place. Downgrading would be a challenge for a homeowner due to the lengthy procedures and expense related to selling a home.

7. You Don’t Incur High Costs Of Insurance Covers

A renter only requires getting a tenants’ content insurance which covers several risks such as property loss, fire incidence, theft and damage of assets.

A homeowner needs to insure against many expensive risks such as building insurance and contents insurance. Some of these insurance policies are quite expensive for a homeowner.

8. Renting Allows For Sharing Of The Rental Costs

In case you happen to invite your friend to stay with you. Then it is possible to share the monthly costs of paying the rent along with sharing other daily costs. It is unlike a homeowner who has to incur all the expenses of maintaining the home even when living with another person.

9. It Is More Secure To Rent Than To Own A Home

Landowners ensure that there are tight security measures put in place for all the tenants. Also, living together in a common place is less vulnerable to theft and robbery as compared to living in your home.

Acquiring security personnel and equipment is costly. Your home is insecure especially when you live in an isolated place far away from your neighbors.


Owning a home could have several benefits; both financial and non-financial benefits. However, for many middle-income earners, it is quite beneficial to rent than buy a home. Several people would argue that owning a home is much better than renting, but as seen above, renting could save you time and money as well as bring comfort to you. When making a choice, it is nice to consider the above benefits of renting that outweigh home ownership.

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  1. Banyak juga kelebihan menyewa rumah ni. Selalu orang kata beli rumah lagi banyak kelebihan.

  2. For me, im prefer to buy and own the house. First is for life saving because we don't know for how long we are healthy and able to work. Since we have a regular income, then we can afford to rent, but what happen if we fall sick and unable to work. That time the house owner will chased us from his/her house.
    If we buy our own, it covered with insurance, if anything happend to us, then the insurance will paid the bank loan on behalf of us.
    That my two cents and why i prefer to buy a house than i rent it for the whole life.


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