If there’s one thing modern men pay more attention to other than women and gadgets are their hair. It is an instant indictment of a guy’s appearance and the first thing a woman notices on a man. Professional hairstylists believe that the best styling tool for hair are your fingers.

Gone are the days that grabbing a single bottle of gel and comb work. Now with a wide range of hair styling options, specific hair styling products are on the rise. Flex those fingers and dip them into Elite Edgy EFX for a transformation like never before. Your hairstyle is your perfect element to looking suave, so, make it good, make it cool, make it desirable and set the bar for the rest.

Elite Edgy EFX: New Dimensions to Hairstyles!

Your hair is the new way of making a statement nowadays. Elite Edgy EFX understands your need of having faultless and seamless looking hair by working with one of the prestigious hair dressing salons in Malaysia, Peek-a-boo. With Peek-a-boo, Elite Edgy EFX has formulated the perfect component with renowned hairstylists, to provide everyone with the ultimate edgy effects!

Elite Edgy EFX with its new and improved formulation and vibrant packaging is an absolute must-have if you wish to look stylish and urbane. Minimal effort with maximum effect is what you can achieve with Elite Edgy EFX. With an easy rinse formula, new styles are unlimited to your imagination and best of all re-style without re-application. It is your time to stand out by stepping it up as a style icon.

Elite Edgy EFX makes it possible for you to go beyond the boundaries and get the trendy hairstyles that you desire. It exudes versatility with a range of products that is easy to use. With variations of fibre, clay, and wax to choose from, you will no longer feel as if you are limited to just one style when it comes to your hair.

Sculpt your hair into any desired hair style with Fibre that provides strong hold and adequate shine.

Elite Edgy EFX Spiky Web Fibre

With Elite Edgy EFX Spiky Web Fibre you will have a more defined eye-catching head of hair with gravity defying spikes.
Elite Edgy EFX Spiky Web Fibre

Elite Edge EFX Wavy Loose Clay

Modern styling products are designed to emphasize texture and definition. Achieve an unrestricting and easy effect with Elite Edge EFX Wavy Loose Clay is good for men who want to experiment with loose styles and take control of their hair.
Elite Edge EFX Wavy Loose Clay

ELITE Edgy EFX Rugged Matte Wax

Looking for something more edgy, the ELITE Edgy EFX Rugged Matte Wax is dangerously rugged and will boost your confidence throughout the day.
ELITE Edgy EFX Rugged Matte Wax

Gone are the days of just grabbing one hairstyling products for your hair, now you are presented with a wide range of options from ELITE Edgy EFX to achieve spikes, loose, wild, wet, matte and more! It is the combination of effortless styling and versatility – changing your look to fit your everyday style and mood. It is time to express yourself through unlimited hairstyling with ELITE Edgy EFX.

Be creative and be fresh to achieve your ultimate look. So just twist it, ruffle it, smoothen it or scrunch it! Trendsetting hairstyles are yours in minutes!

The Elite Edgy EFX retails at RM 15.90 each and is available at all leading pharmacies, hypermarkets and supermarkets nationwide.

Check out the Facebook page www.facebook.com/EliteEdgyEFX.com to find out more.


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