25 September 2013

Email Spam Semakin Menakutkan

Serius. Bila jenguk je mailbox dalam email, terkejut dapat email yang pelbagai. Malah, semakin hari semakin banyak email spam yang menjengah masuk. Kadangkala, email tulen ada 5, email spam ada 25 ... uhh memang menakutkanlah. Alamat email semakin mudah diperoleh, maka kegiatan email spam memang sukar dibanteras.

Email Spam Semakin Menakutkan

Paling menakutkan ialah, apabila anda menerima email yang tertulis nama agensi antarabangsa tertentu, contohnya FBI, United Nation, Fraud Squad, Swiss Bank dan macam-macam lagilah. Saya sendiri pun gerun gak bila baca isi kandungan email-email seperti ini. Yelah, email dalam bahasa inggeris, lain sikit penangannya dengan email bodoh macam yang pernah saya ceritakan menerusi entri ini - Ayat-Ayat Email Spam Makin Sayu Tipu Orang dan ini - Penipuan Insan Yang Mulia

Sekarang, cuba baca email dalam bahasa inggeris yang telah menerjah ruangan spam.

Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force


Attention please:

President Obama established the Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force (F.F.E.T.F.) in November, 2009 to hold accountable those who helped in bringing about the last financial crisis as well as those who would attempt to take advantage of the efforts in the economic recovery to perpetrate fraud in United States of America. Sequels to excellent achievement of the FFETF in 2010, we have been mandated to audit the banking industry and stop recent fraudulent activities.

As we audit banks and financial institutions in United States of America, we discovered several funds belonging to different people unclaimed. In such occasion, we make frantic efforts to contact the beneficiaries immediately. Hence, you are being contacted. We are also in agreement with the Federal Reserve System to release such payment to the beneficiaries. World Bank/Federal Reserve System have the power to confiscate and repatriate any funds unclaimed from the Possessed bank and eventually withdraw their operating license if found wanting. It might interest you to know that in 2010/11 only, we were able to recover $4.2 Billion for the Obama government which is helping in rebuilding the nation's financial/economic crisis, and also promotes job creation in 2012/13 fiscal year.

In our recent search, we have discovered huge sum of money which runs into Millions of United States dollars in your name in Bank of America. These funds came from Nigeria, West Africa. We presumed this to be your inheritance, contractual or winning funds. To this end, we advise you to contact a US citizen based in Nigeria working as a CIA Agent under-cover called Agent Jeffery Lucas for necessary documentation. His private email address is: jefferylucascia@globomail.com He will help obtain the needed clearance certificates for proper authentication of your funds, and subsequent release for transfer to your bank account by bank of America. Note that without these documents, we, the FBI, US Customs and Department of Homeland Security will not allow your funds to be transferred to you.

These important documents will cost you on $680.00 only. Please do not send more than $680.00. We are aware of scams in Africa, that is why we engaged the service of our own CIA Agent, Jeffery Lucas to obtain all the papers for all US funds beneficiaries.

We are looking forward to your maximum cooperation.

Yours in service;

Eric Holder
US Attorney General and Chairman
Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force. U.S.A.

This email was sent to you from the Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force United States of America.

Hmmm .. siap selamba main nama Obama dalam email ni. Gerun gak memula, tapi baca punya baca, sah menipu je email ni. Tak pasal kalau ada yang terkena nak bayar benda $680 tu .. caittt .... kalau $680 rupiah oklah ....

Jangan terpedaya dengan email seperti ini.

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6 Komen Email Spam Semakin Menakutkan

keje nak menipu je dorang ni..adeh..SPAM! SCAM!

ish3.. klu aien punya email pown banyak gak..

kte pn slalu dapat...mmg terus delete je

Assalam. Eeeii.. Menakutkan jer..

terus delete kalu dapat email macam tu

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Banyak juga spam yang masuk dalam kotak e-mel saya. Tapi tak adalah sampai yang antarabangsa tu.