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Top 10 Iphone Apps You Need During Ramadan

Top 10 Iphone Apps You Need During Ramadan - The month of Ramadan is coming to a close and after all of the hard work and dedication it can be easy to start to play the waiting game, by focusing of the upcoming celebrations of Aidilfitri, rather than on the present moment of spirituality. PricePanda have gathered together a useful list of apps that will organise and encourage you during this final week, helping you to remember the true meaning of your commitment.
Top 10 Iphone Apps You Need During Ramadan

Top 10 Iphone Apps You Need During Ramadan

1. Best for the Beginners or as a Reminder

First on the list is Ramadan Guide, an educational app paired with beautiful Islamic illustrations. This will be useful for those who are new to the participation of Ramadan, such as young people and recent converts, but will also be helpful as a reminder for any Muslim who wants to take the time to remind himself of background behind the day to day activities.

2. Timekeeping and Organisational Apps: Sunrise and Sunset Predictor

For absolute security of mind, and to help you organise your day and plan your meal times, this Sun n Moon app tells you the exact times of the sunrise and sunset, anywhere in the world. The app comes with pictures that show you the progress of the sun and moon, with accurate moon-phase representation. Knowing in advance when the sunsets will be immeasurably helpful for Muslims participating in fasting.

3. The Full Works

Muslim Pro (Ramadan edition) covers nearly everything that a Muslim needs during Ramadan, its an app that you can trust like your own personal Islamic assistant. The accurate prayer time calculator will ensure that you can plan ahead and make suitable preparation for your rakats before hand. You can also select whether you want visual or audio notifications during the Azan. Additionally, it has an animated Qibla compass to show the direction of Mecca.
Top 10 Iphone Apps You Need During Ramadan - Muslim Pro Ramadhan 2014 Edition

Aside from all of this, the Ramadan edition has accurate fasting time calculators, halal restaurants and mosque locator, the full list of the 99 names of Allah, as well as the holy Qur’an- The App and Qur’an is fully translatable to Bahasa Melayu. The app is also free during Ramadan and fully translatable into Bahasa Melayu. PricePanda thinks this is the perfect prayer companion.

4. For the Visual Minded

If you feel that you need to keep a check on your Islamic progress and activities, then the Track Your Islam might be right for you. While, of course, spirituality cannot be measured, the strict discipline needed during Ramadan can be kept tabs on. For the very analytical minded, this app will be immensely rewarding. You can track your progress for the five daily prayers, how much of the Qur’an you are reading each day, your fasts in Ramadan as well as your Sadaqah in visual graph format.

5. Breaking the Fast: Remaining Restrained

Fasting is what intensifies the closer spiritual union with Allah. By making a sacrifice you are closer to attaining taqwa. However, you must also look after your body well to ensure that you are strong enough to perform the fast. Mohammed recommended breaking the fast with dates,  eating slowly, and sharing together with friends and family. For those who want to lose or sustain your weight during Ramadan, the Ramadan Diet app keeps with the spirit of restraint and moderation.

6. and 7. Indulging in Traditional Treats

For those that enjoy breaking the fast with lots of delicious, traditional treats My Halal Kitchen by Batoul apps has a large resource of Islamic recipes, especially tailored for Ramadan.
My Halal Kitchen - Top 10 Iphone Apps You Need During Ramadan

If you are too exhausted to cook during Ramadan, Zabihah is an app that points you towards your closest Halal eating place. This comes especially in handy if you are somewhere unfamiliar or travelling during the holy month.

8. Inspiration and Prayer: The Qur’an

The IQuran offers the complete Qur’an in Uthmani Font, with verse by verse translation. The app has now been translated into Malay and offers Surah Al-Karaf reminders on Fridays. This app is perfect for reciting the Qur’an. During Ramadan the app has been reduced, for an added incentive. The great thing about this is that you can carry the Qur’an in your pocket, and digitally bookmark your favourite parts to quickly and easily find.

9. Daily Hadiths to Start your Day with the Words of the Prophet

For an added boost of intention during Ramadan, start each day with a daily hadith, a direct teaching from Muhammad, with an accompanying explanation. This will help you to remain strong against temptation and to remind

10. All-in-One Ramadan App

To round off the list, PricePanda presents the highly popular, all in one App that is useful for Muslims any time of year. Offering 12 apps in one, this highly productive app is customisable for Muslims all over the world. Featuring the Quran with audio recitation, prayer times, missed prayers, halal ingredient checker and more besides, and all with beautiful Islamic design and user friendly interface.

This list was brought to you by PricePanda, a price comparison service that helps you to find the best deals in Malaysia.  If you enjoyed their list check out their IPhone section to read their expert reviews and compare the best prices for your budget.

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We hope that you have a safe and healthy rest of Ramadan.


Rahsia Shopee

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