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SHOPPING is usually a fun experience and even considered therapeutic for some, but there are those who just don’t like crowds, especially when it is nearing festive seasons.

Physical shopping can be fun and even called retail therapy by some, but may be an ordeal for others especially during peak times such as weekends leading to public holidays and with Hari Raya Puasa.

Festive Time Or Any Time, Shopping Is Just A Click Away With Online Convenience

Lazada Malaysia - Online Shopping
Online shopping especially increases by a quantum leap during these times and more people in this modern generation are making purchasing online their preferred choice with a host of virtual stores such as

Consider the latest trends and see where you fit in!
Online Shopping with Lazada


Trend Micro, a Malaysia-based Internet content developer online survey shows that eight out of 10 Malaysian Internet users now shop online, an increase that reflects a global and regional increase in online commerce.

Global online retails sales passed US$1 trillion last year and are expected to grow by 17.1% this year, according to eMarketer, with the Asia Pacific region accounting for more than a third of the sales.
Online Convenience shopping
The company cited market research firm Nielsen's expectations that Malaysia's online shopping market would increase to RM5 billion (US$1.52 billion) by 2015.


Both men and women know that going to a physical store will take a long time including travel, parking and walking to a shop just to browse through and see what is available before making a choice.

Online shopping is fast and easy; sometimes it takes only about 15-30 minutes on the average.

In Malaysia, the men and women shopping online are fairly balanced with men taking a slightly bigger piece of the pie at 51%, according to


The biggest age group for online shoppers is 26-36 years (51%) followed by the 18-25 year old segment (29%), which rationalizes as these would likely be those who have enough earning power and already attuned to shopping on line.
Shopping is just a click away - Lazada Malaysia


Most prefer to shop at night and payment via credit and debit card (75%) over other methods such as Internet banking and Paypal.

With Lazada, you get the best as convenient payment is also provided via cash on delivery (COD).


Majority of shoppers like going online as they are able to compare (71%) followed by the convenience of discovering what they could buy and finally being able to find great deals only available online!

Lazada’s EXTRAVAGANZA and FRENZY sales this year are just an example of what online purchasers can look forward to.

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Ahmad Zaki Ahmad Zaki July 01, 2014
Pernah order dekat lazada ni. TApi seminggu dah tggu cancel item. Sebab kata diorang takda stock..
Hafizah Halim Hafizah Halim July 01, 2014
Tips shopping untuk semua :

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